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Top 9 Advantages of Mutual Fund

This article throws light upon the top nine advantages of mutual fund. The advantages are: 1. Diversification 2. Expert Supervision and Management 3. Liquidity 4. Reduced Risk 5. Tax Advantage 6. Low Operating Costs 7. Flexibility 8. Higher Returns 9. Investor Protection. Advantage # 1. Diversification: A large number of investors have small savings with […]

SEBI Regulations and Mutual Funds

This article throws light upon the fourteen main SEBI guidelines as regard to constitution and management of mutual funds. The regulations are: 1. Trust Deed to be Registered under the Registration Act 2. Contents of Trust Deed 3. Disqualification from being Appointed as Trustees 4. Approval of the Board for Appointment of Trustee 5. Rights […]

Classification of Mutual Funds

This article throws light upon the top five categories for classification of mutual funds. The categories are: 1. According to Ownership 2. According to Scheme of Operation 3. According to Portfolio 4. According to Location 5. Other Types of Mutual Funds. Category # 1. According to Ownership: According to ownership, mutual funds in India may […]

Mutual Funds: Concept, Performance and Growth

After reading this article you will learn about Mutual Funds:- 1. Meaning of Mutual Funds 2. Concept of Mutual Funds 3. Performance 4. Growth 5. Problems. Contents: Meaning of Mutual Funds Concept of Mutual Funds Performance of Mutual Funds Growth of the Mutual Fund Industry Problems of Mutual Funds in India 1. Meaning of Mutual […]