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Functions of Marketing Management

This article throws light upon the top seven functions of marketing management. The functions are: 1. Marketing Research 2. Sales Forecasting 3. Advertising 4. Sales Promotion 5. Channels of Distribution 6. Product Packaging 7. Pricing. Function # 1. Marketing Research: An industrial enterprise, if, develops products for direct market application without having any idea in […]

Organisation of Sales Department | Marketing Management

After reading this article you will learn about the organisation of sales department:- 1. Functional Organization 2. Area based Organization 3. Product Group Organization 4. End Use and Customer Class Sales Organization. Functional Organization: The functional organization (Fig. 31.1) is usual for the small or medium sized company with a limited range of related products. […]

Advertising Media Types: 10 Main Types of Advertising Media

This article throws light upon the ten main types of advertising media. The types are: 1. Newspaper Advertising 2. Television Advertising 3. Radio Advertising 4. Magazine Advertising 5. Direct Mail Advertising 6. Transportation Advertising 7. Outdoor Advertising 8. Speciality Advertising 9. Personal Selling 10. Sales Promotion. Type # 1. Newspaper Advertising: The major advantage in advertising […]

Public Relations (PR): Definition, Necessity and Tools

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning and Definitions of Public Relations 2. Objectives of Public Relations 3. Necessity 4. Essentials 5. Public Relations is not a Propaganda, Publicity or Advertisement 6. Tools 7. Media 8. Public Relations and Marketing 9. Applications. Meaning and Definitions of Public Relations: The Public Relations function […]