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Selling and Marketing: Difference | Marketing Management

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between selling and marketing. Difference # Selling: 1. Selling is an activity designed to meet the seller’s need. 2. It attends to cane aspect only – sales and distribution of goods already produced. 3. The product is the main item in this activity. 4. Selling concentrates […]

Marketing Concept and Societal Marketing Concept: Difference

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between marketing concept and societal marketing concept. “Marketing concept starts with the company’s target customers and their needs and wants. The company integrates and co-ordinates all the activities that will affect customer satisfaction. The company achieves profit through creating and maintaining customer satisfaction. In essence, the […]

Integrated Marketing Functions (With Diagram) | Functions | Marketing

In this article we will discuss about the concept and advantages of integrated marketing functions. Concept of Integrated Marketing Functions: The concept of integrated marketing functions refers to the total marketing system with all its sub­systems whereby all the activities related to the effective implementation of the marketing function are combined in a way that […]

Managerial Functions of Marketing Management | Functions | Marketing

The marketing management has to perform the basic managerial functions like:- 1. Planning  2. Organising 3. Co­ordinating 4. Staffing 5. Directing 6. Evaluating 7. Controlling. Function # 1. Planning: This requires the description of the formal appro­ach and processes. At this stage, an overview is made of the total integra­ted system of short and long-term […]

Marketing Planning Premises | Planning | Marketing Management

The below mentioned article provides a brief note on marketing planning premises.  Marketing planning premises refer to the assumptions and factors pertaining to future business condi­tions which should be considered for the development of marketing plans, overall strategic planning of the enterprise provides basic premises for marketing planning. These premises include many factors such as: […]

Classification of Goods | Marketing Management

Prof. Copeland gives a following classification of ‘Goods’: 1. Consumer Goods: Consumer goods of different classes are discussed below: 1. Convenience Goods: Convenience Goods, usually of semi-durable nature, refer to those com­paratively high value items which the customers buy after paying considera­tion as to quality, price, design, etc. The buying motives of the customers exhibit […]

Determinants of Consumer Psychographics | Tools | Marketing Management

In this article we will discuss about the consumer psychographics, its determinants and its impact on marketing decisions. Consumer psychographic is a term used to explain the life-style of the consumer. It is a subjective tool. For instance, one has to study the life­style of the consumer in order to market expensive Raymond Terry-wool suiting. […]

Functions of Marketing Management

This article throws light upon the top seven functions of marketing management. The functions are: 1. Marketing Research 2. Sales Forecasting 3. Advertising 4. Sales Promotion 5. Channels of Distribution 6. Product Packaging 7. Pricing. Function # 1. Marketing Research: An industrial enterprise, if, develops products for direct market application without having any idea in […]

Organisation of Sales Department | Marketing Management

After reading this article you will learn about the organisation of sales department:- 1. Functional Organization 2. Area based Organization 3. Product Group Organization 4. End Use and Customer Class Sales Organization. Functional Organization: The functional organization (Fig. 31.1) is usual for the small or medium sized company with a limited range of related products. […]

Advertising Media Types: 10 Main Types of Advertising Media

This article throws light upon the ten main types of advertising media. The types are: 1. Newspaper Advertising 2. Television Advertising 3. Radio Advertising 4. Magazine Advertising 5. Direct Mail Advertising 6. Transportation Advertising 7. Outdoor Advertising 8. Speciality Advertising 9. Personal Selling 10. Sales Promotion. Type # 1. Newspaper Advertising: The major advantage in advertising […]