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Promotion: Meaning and Developments | Product

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Promotion 2. Promotion as Communication 3. Recent Developments. Meaning of Promotion: When a company develops a new product, changes an old one or simply wants to increase sales of an existing product or services, it must transmit its selling messages to potential customers. In […]

Advertising: Decision Areas and Role | Management

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Components of the Advertising Job 2. Decision Areas in Advertising 3. Role. Components of the Advertising Job: The components of advertising job include: 1. Defining the advertising objectives to be accomplished. 2. Determination the audience to whom the message is to be aimed. 3. Deciding the […]

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) | Products

After reading this article you will learn about the history and characteristics of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). History of Integrated Marketing Communication: In past decades, many marketers build strong barriers around the various marketing and promotional functions and planned and managed them separately, with different budgets, different views of the market, and different goals and […]

Integrated Marketing Communication Planning Process | Management

This article throws light upon the six main steps of integrated marketing communication planning process. The steps are: 1. Review of Marketing Plan 2. Promotional Programme Situational Analysis 3. Analysis of Communication Process 4. Budget Determination 5. Developing the Integrated Marketing Communication Programme 6. Mentoring, Evaluation and Control. Step # 1. Review of Marketing Plan: […]

Essay on the Indian Consumer | Marketing

This article provides an essay on the Indian consumer. Introduction to Indian Consumer: As the country is very vast geographically, the consumers of India are scattered over vast territory. As the country is marketed by great diversity in climate, religion, language, literacy level, life style and economic status etc. Demographic Profile: India has more than […]

How to Add Value through Targeting?

The first question that is important to ask is what is the target market? Where we are targeting instead of chasing the amorphous mass market. Hindustan level has as many as 11 brands directed towards the different market segments. Coalgate Palmolive has tooth paste brands as Coalgate total, Coalgate gel. When we tailor our product […]

How to Add Value through Market Segmentation?

Mass marketing time has gone. Gone are the days when the companies used to deliver the same product for the total market. Today the companies are segmenting their customers into similar clusters in order to market specialised products and services to each group. As for most of the companies 20% of the market brings in […]

DAGMAR as a Goal for Advertising

DAGMAR was the study of Association of National Advertisers (ANA) that the goal of advertising is to achieve specialized objectives and it recognized that different advertisements can have a number of objectives. “Advertising’s job, purely and. simply, is to communicate to a defined audience information and a frame of mind that stimulates action. Advertising succeeds […]

Advertising Classification of Products | Management

The nature and purpose of advertising differ from one industry to another and lor across situations. The targets of an organisation’s advertising efforts often vary, as do its role and function in the marketing programme. One advertiser may seek to generate immediate response or action from the customer; another may want to develop awareness or […]

15 Main Buying Motives of People

This article throws light upon the fifteen main buying motives of people. The buying motives are: 1. Achievement 2. Independence 3. Exhibition 4. Recognition 5. Dominance 6. Affiliation 7. Nurfurance 8. Succorance 9. Sexuality 10. Stimulation 11. Diversion 12. Novelty 13. Understanding 14. Consistency 15. Security. Buying Motive # 1. Achievement: The need to perform […]