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Difference between a Factor and a Broker | Agents | Distribution Channels

This article will help you to differentiate between a factor and a broker. Difference # Factor: 1. Possession: A factor takes the possession of goods. 2. Dealings: A factor deals in his own name and needs not disclose the name of the principal. 3. To Receive Payment: A factor has the right to receive payments. […]

Marketing Strategies of a Firm: Top 4 Types | Management

According to AI Ries and Tack Trout, the marketing strategies of a firm are basically of four types. The types are:- 1. Offensive Strategy 2. Defensive Strategy 3. Flanking Strategy 4. Guerrilla Strategy. Type # 1. Offensive Strategy: This strategy of marketing is pursued by the firms which are leaders in the market. The leading […]

Marketing Programmes and Systems: An Overview | Management

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Sales and Distribution Programme 2. Distribution Channel Structure 3. Vertical Marketing Systems 4. Advertising Programme 5. Types of Advertising Objectives 6. Advertising vs. Promotion. 1. Sales and Distribution Programme: The main elements of a sales and distribution programme are shown in Figure 4: As summarised in Table […]

Marketing Environmental Variables and their Effects | Marketing Management

In this article we will discuss about the marketing environmental variables and their effect on marketing decisions. The marketing environ­mental variables include all those factors which are external to a firm and which affect the decision-making process. According to Philip Kotler, marketing environment is constantly spinning out new opportunities and new threats, and the firms […]

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning: Difference | Marketing

The upcoming discussion will update about the difference between market segmentation and product positioning. One direct consequence of the market segmentation is ‘tar­get market’ and its related concept of ‘product positioning’. Product posi­tioning is the art of “designing, the company’s product and marketing mix to fit a given place in the consumer’s mind.” For product […]

Consumer Behaviour Research: Difficulties and Techniques | Marketing

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Definition of Consumer Behaviour Research 2. Types of Information Sought in Relation to Marke­ting 3. Main Difficulties of Consumer Behaviour Research 4. Techniques. Definition of Consumer Behaviour Research: The consumer behaviour research is alternatively termed as motivation research or study of buying motives. Simply put, the term […]

Marketing Research: Process and Importance | Marketing Management

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Process of Marketing Research 2. Scope of Marketing Research 3. Advantages or Benefits 4. Importance. Process of Marketing Research : Marketing research is the process of the use of scientific methods for enquiring into the marketing problems and their solutions. According to Philip Kotler, the marketing research […]

Exam Questions on the Dynamics of Marketing | India | Marketing

Some of the frequently asked exam questions on the dynamics of marketing are as follows:  Q.1. Define the term marketing dynamics and explain some of its different aspects or elements. Ans. The entire process of marketing manage­ment science system right from the ascertainment and assessment of marketing environment via analysis of market segments, marketing channels, […]

Problems Associated with Marketing Channels | Marketing Management

The following points highlight the three major problems associated with marketing channels. The problems are:- 1. Consumers’ Needs  2. Choice of Marketing Channels 3. Problems of Distribution Methods. Problem # 1. Consumers’ Needs: The consumers in general are scattered and their needs and expectations are varied. They choose to buy their goods from those who […]

Substitutability of Market | Market Segments | Marketing Management

In this article we will discuss about the substitutability of market in relation to market segments.  Marketing comprises the following three major activities: 1. The assessment and examination of market for existing products or those under, consideration for development. The collection of accurate market intelligence is essential for effective business forecasting and production planning. It […]