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Elements of International Business Sector

This article throws light upon the four main elements of international business sector. The elements are: 1. Import and Export of Goods and Services 2. Expansion in the Global Markets 3. Investment in Overseas Business Operations 4. Patents, Copyrights Trademarks. International Business Sector: Element # 1. Import and Export of Goods and Services: The import […]

Study Notes on Tendering System | Global Trade

This article provides a study note on tendering system. Meaning of Tender: A tender is an intention for procurement/import or for sale/export of specified materials and/or services under specific terms and conditions under specified payment terms. The basic idea behind this form of procurement is to give equal opportunity to all that are interested to […]

Laws of the Sea: Top 35 Question Answered!

Here is a compilation of top thirty-five questions on laws of the sea in relation to global trade with their relevant answers. Q. 1. What is enclosed or semi-enclosed Seas? Ans. “Enclosed or semi-enclosed sea” means a gulf, basin or sea surrounded by two or more nations and connected to another sea or the ocean […]

International Business: Need for a Data Base

After reading this article you will learn about the international business’ need for a data base. The international business in very simple terms is the flow of goods and services across the national borders. The exports of one are the imports of the other. The data on this movement of the goods and services is […]

Service: Meaning and Concept | International Business

After reading this article we will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Service 2. The Concept of Service 3. The Service as the Convenience Factor 4. Identity and Scope of the Service Sector 5. The Service Providers and Receivers 6. Service as a Commodity 7. International Trade and the Service Sector Industry 8. The Human Element […]

Freight Forwarders and Customhouse Brokers (With diagram)

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Freight Forwarders 2. Freight Forwarders 3. Types of Forwarders 4. Freight Forwarders and Customhouse Brokers. Meaning of Freight Forwarders: The physical movement of goods for the export destinations is much more complex as compared to the domestic market. To start with, the usual packing […]

Concept of Quality (QC): With Diagram

After reading this article you will learn about the concept of quality (QC) in regard to international marketing. Introduction to Concept of Quality: The concept of quality is highly relevant in the area of international marketing. Infect quality is the minimum standard the overseas customer would see before he makes up his mind to even […]