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Underwriting: Meaning, Need and SEBI Guidelines

After reading this article you will learn about the Underwriting of Capital Issues:- 1. Meaning and Nature of Underwriting 2. Forms of Underwriting 3. Need and Significance 4. SEBI’S Guidelines. Meaning and Nature of Underwriting: Underwriting in the context of a company means undertaking a responsibility or giving a guarantee that the securities (shares and […]

Underwriting of Capital Issues in India

Underwriting of capital issues in India has become very popular in recent years but its growth had been very slow in the initial years as compared to the developed countries like U.S.A. and U.K. Securities were underwritten for the first time in U.S.A. in the year 1860 and it was only in 1900 that English […]

Top 5 Underwriting Agencies in India

This article throws light upon the top five underwriting agencies in India. The agencies are: 1. Brokers 2. Private Investment and Insurance Companies 3. Commercial Banks 4. Development Banks and Other Financial Institutions 5. Consortium Underwriting. Agency # 1. Brokers: The private firms of stock brokers have been underwriting issues from very early times. But […]

8 Important SEBI Rules and Regulations, 1993

This article throws light upon the eight important SEBI rules and regulations in regard to underwriters. The rules and regulations are: 1. Registration 2. Code of Conduct 3. Agreement with Clients 4. General Responsibilities of an Underwriter 5. Proper Books of Accounts and Records, etc. 6. Appointment of Compliance Officer 7. Board’s Right to Inspect […]