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5 Major Methods for Training Your Employees

This article throws light upon the five major methods of training employees. The methods are: 1. On the Job Training 2. Vestibule School 3. Apprenticeship 4. Special Courses 5. Classroom Methods. Method # 1. On the Job Training: This system of training the employees is more widely used, provided the number of employees to be […]

Top 8 Benefits of Training Your Employees

This article throws light upon the top eight benefits of training your employees. The benefits are: 1. Increased Productivity 2. Higher Employee Morale 3. Reduced Supervision 4. Reduced Accidents, Spoiled Works, Damage to Equipment and Machinery 5. Increased Organizational Stability and Flexibility 6. Self-development, Versatility and Adaptability 7. Reduced Turnover and Absenteeism 8. Talents Locations. […]

Training of Employees: Meaning, Importance and Methods

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Training 2. Importance of Training 3. Methods. Meaning of Training: “Training refers to the process of educating and developing selected employees so that they have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding needed to manage in future position.” Training as defined by some experts of […]