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Training and Development of Employees: Difference

This article will help you to differentiate between training and development of employees. Difference # Training of Employees: 1. Purpose: It makes people skilled to perform the present jobs. 2. Depth of knowledge imparted: It largely imparts technical skills to perform a job. 3. Level of persons involved: It is generally given to non-managers. Employees […]

Importance of Training in an Organisation

Importance of training in an Organisation are: (i) Advantages of standardization (ii) Increasing organisational stability and flexibility (iii) Heightened morale (iv) Reduced supervision and direction (v) Economical use of resources (vi) Increase in productivity (vii) Future manpower needs (viii) Better industrial relations (ix) Reduced accidents at workplace (x) Reduced learning time! Training is an integral […]

Steps for Conducting Training Programmes in an Organisation

Steps for conducting training programmes in an organization are : (i) Preparation of the learner (ii) Identification of training needs (iii) Who is to be trained? (iv) Imparting knowledge (v) Performance try-out (vi) Follow-up. (i) Preparation of the learner: The trainees should ensure that the trainees do not become nervous during the training period. The […]