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Management Techniques

Some of the techniques of management are as follows: 1. Quality Circle 2. Total Quality Management 3. Business Process Reengineering 4. Six Sigma 5. Kaizen 6. Standardisation 7. Just-In-Time Production and Kanban Systems 8. Benchmarking 9. Learning Organisation. Management Techniques: Quality Circle, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Benchmarking and More… Management Techniques – 5 Modern Techniques (With Features, Objectives, [...]

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Benchmarking is defined "as the continuous, systematic process of measuring ones output and/or work processes against the toughest competitors or those recognized best in the industry." Benchmarking is an approach of setting goals and measuring productivity based on best industry practices. Benchmarking helps in improving performance by learning from best practices and the processes by which they are achieved. Learn [...]

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Six Sigma

Six Sigma method is a 'measure of goodness' involving the application of statistical methods to business processes to improve operating efficiency, reduce variation, avoid defects, and reduce waste. More specifically, it is a method­ology and set of tools used to reduce quality problems to less than 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO) or better. Six Sigma is a management philosophy [...]

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