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Types of Selection Tests

Types of employee selection tests are broadly classified into five types as under:- A. Aptitude Tests B. Achievement Tests C. Situational Tests D. Interest Tests E. Personality Tests. These are further sub-classified into- A: Aptitude tests are:- 1. Intelligence Tests 2. Mechanical Aptitude Tests 3. Psychomotor Tests 4. Clerical Aptitude Tests. B: Achievement tests are:- 1. Job Knowledge Tests 2. [...]

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Psychological Tests used in Employee Selection

Psychological tests as a selection technique have certain definite advantages over other methods of selection of employees. Major advantage is that the test is an objective and standardized behaviour sample which lends itself well to statistical evaluation. Generally, it is easier to determine the value of a test than it is to evaluate other selection devices such as interviews, letters [...]

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Employee Selection Process

Everything you need to know about the selection process of employees. The basic purpose of the selection process is choosing right type of candidates to match various positions in the organization. In order to achieve this purpose, a well-organized selection procedure is requited. Each step in the selection procedure should provide more and more information about the candidate. This selection [...]

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