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Types of Planning

Everything you need to know about the types and classification of planning. The planning covers the entire organization. It is a comprehensive process of determining the long term objective of the organization and evolving inter-connected and interdependent plans to be carried out inside the organization. This plan covers corporate growth, research and development, divestment, unprofitable product/section modernization, expansion, diversification, merger [...]

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Planning in Management

Everything you need to know about ‘Planning in Management’. Planning is a primary function of management. All other functions of organizing, staffing, directing and controlling must reflect planning function of management. Though more important for higher levels, planning is the function of every manager. Before starting any task, every manager formulates strategies of how to do that particular task. Planning [...]

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Management by Objectives (MBO): Merits and Demerits

Everything you need to know about the merits, demerits, advantages, disadvantages, benefits and weaknesses of Management by Objectives (MBO). Management by objectives lays emphasis on result-oriented and participative style is basically a simple approach to management. Successful managers all over the world, whether in industry, defence, government, or educational institutions have unconsciously practiced the essence of management by objectives. Management [...]

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