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What is Prospecting?

The term ‘prospecting’ relates to locating and qualifying new customers. Prospecting is necessary because - i. Finding customers is a business compulsion for a new and existing product, ii. There is a decline in the existing customer base as customers are taken away by competitors, and iii. It helps in strengthening the existing customer base. Learn about:- 1. Meaning of [...]

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Personal Selling

Everything you need to know about what is personal selling. Personal selling is a promotional method in which one party (e.g., salesperson) uses skills and techniques for building personal relationships with another party (e.g., those involved in a purchase decision) that results in both parties obtaining value. In most cases the "value" for the salesperson is realized through the financial [...]

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Personal Selling Process

Everything you need to know about the process and steps of personal selling. Personal selling begins with identifying customers and ends with ensuring satisfaction to them. The series of steps that are followed in between the two are diverse, complex, and knowledge-based. The personal selling process is a consecutive series of activities conducted by the salesperson, the lead to a [...]

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