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Participative Management

Participative Management is intended to provide an institutional structure in which interest- based conflicts become less bitter through preventive as well as positive ways. This development is perhaps due to the realization that this might be the way to suppress conflicts, achieve a harmonious and qualitative development and also carry out the political programs of the most progressive forces in [...]

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Quality Circles (Q.C): Meaning, Objectives and Benefits

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Quality Circles 2. Characteristics of Effective Quality Circles 3. Objectives 4. Implementation 5. Organisation and Working 6. Rules 7. Duties of Circle Leader 8. Steps for Setting up Quality Circles 9. Benefits 10. Launching of Programme. Meaning of Quality Circles: Conceptually Quality Circles can be described as a small [...]

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5 Main Types of Participative Forums | Management

Following type of participative forums are common: 1. Works Committee 2. Joint Management Council 3. Joint Council 4. Plant Council 5. Shop Council. Participative Forum: Type # 1. Works Committees: These consist of representatives of employers and workmen in equal number. The representation is for all groups and classes of workmen. The committee has a chairman, a vice chairman, a [...]

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