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Attitude: Meaning, Definition, Concept, Components, Types and Functions

Attitude is an individual's characteristic way of responding consistently in a favourable or unfavourable manner to objects, people, or events in his environment. It is based on the individual's experience and his interpretation of it and leads to certain behaviours or opinions. Attitude reflects how an individual feels about something. Attitude provides a predetermined set of responses, so that a [...]

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Stress Management

Learn about stress management: 1. Ways to Reduce Stress 2. Strategies for Stress Management 3. Viewpoints 4. Approaches 5. Techniques 6. Methods. Some of the ways to reduce stress are: 1. Time Management 2. Prioritize tasks  3. Relax and breathe deeply 4. Take more breaks from your work  5. Delegate responsibility 6. Get more sleep 7. Spend more time with [...]

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Organisational Behaviour

Organisational behaviour may be defined as the study of behaviour of people in a formal organisation in given circumstances. Organisational Behaviour: Definition, Features, Scope, Elements, Approaches and Merits Contents: Definition of Organisational Behaviour Features of Organisational Behaviour Scope of Organisational Behaviour Elements of Organisational Behaviour Approaches of Organisational Behaviour Merits of Organisational Behaviour Limitations of Organisational Behavior # 1. Definition [...]

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