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International Marketing

The International marketing management requires the ability to look across a broad cross section of marketing situations, on to develop professional skills and to understand their differences as well as commonalities. It is aimed to identify appropriate marketing strategies in each instance. The exposure among different marketers regarding the marketing problems and strategies in different types of industries is still [...]

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International Marketing Environment

International Marketing environment refers to the controllable and uncontrollable forces that influence upon the marketing decision making of a firm globally. International Marketing environment is comprised of those components which shape policies, programmes and strategies of an international marketer. An international firm must resort to systematic study of international marketing environment to collect the inputs of marketing decision making. To [...]

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International Marketing

Everything you need to know about international marketing. International marketing may be defined as an activity related to the sale of goods and services of one country in the other, subject to the rules and regulations framed by the countries concerned. In simple words, it refers to marketing activities and operations among the countries of the world following different political [...]

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