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Working Capital

Working capital refers to short-term funds that are needed to meet operating expenses. To quote Ramamoorthy, "It refers to the funds, which a company must possess to finance its day-to-day operations". It is concerned with the management of the firm's current assets and current liabilities.  It relates to the problems that arise in attempting to manage the current assets, current [...]

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Capital Market

Capital market comprises the sources of long-term finance for industry and Government. It is the market that attracts savings from various sources and makes them available to the sectors of the economy requiring funds for productive uses. The savings and other funds are converted into investments through the issue of new securities by the Government, public bodies and industrial and [...]

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Dividend Policy

Dividend refers to that portion of profit (after-tax) which is distributed among the owners or shareholders of the firm. The finance manager has to take few decisions which are inter-related like investment, financing and dividend decisions. Dividend decision is related to the shareholders' expectation from the shareholder's share in the profits of the company. The focus of the dividend decision [...]

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