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Inter Firm Comparison

Inter-firm Comparison has also been defined as ... a technique, which detects the short- comings in production efficiencies of the participating firms in a given industry. Inter-firm comparison may be defined as "A management technique by the use of which it is made possible for an organisation to compare its performance with that of the other units engaged in the [...]

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Costing Techniques

Some of the most popular costing techniques are as follows:- 1. Historical Costing 2. Uniform Costing 3. Marginal Costing 4. Absorption Costing 5. Direct Costing 6. Incremental Costing and 7. Standard Costing (i) Historical Costing: As the name suggests, under this method first the expenditure is incurred and then it is recorded and accounted for calculating cost of production per [...]

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