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Coordination is a continuous process for achieving unity of purpose in the organisation. It leads to blending the activities of different individuals and groups for the achievement of certain objectives. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Coordination 2. Definitions of Coordination 3. Features 4. Need 5. Objectives 6. Principles 7. Essence of Coordination in Management 8. Types 9. Techniques 10. Importance [...]

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Techniques of Coordination in Management

Everything you need to know about techniques of coordination in management. Coordination is an endeavour to ensure smooth inter-play of functions, orderly synchronizing functions of different departments for accomplishment of goals. It enables various groups of people working in the organization to work harmoniously to achieve the goals. All managerial functions are instrumental functions to co-ordination. Co-ordination is a continuous [...]

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Importance of Coordination

Everything you need to know about the importance, benefits and significance of coordination in an organisation. Coordination is essential at every level of management for achieving harmony of individual efforts. Where sub-division and departmentalisation is essential, co­ordination is all the more important. The quality of management will depend upon the efficiency achieved in co-ordination. According to Chester Bernard, "the quality [...]

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