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Purpose of Job Analysis

Everything you need to know about the purpose of job analysis. Job analysis is a mechanism of analysing information of job that helps human resource specialists to perform basic activities effectively and smoothly. The general purpose of job analysis is to document the requirements of a job and the work performed. Job and task analysis is performed as a preliminary [...]

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What is Job Analysis?

Job analysis is the basis on which all the HR activities are based. Job analysis provides information about the job and the characteristics required in an employee to carry out these activities. The information, in the form of job descriptions and job specifications, helps managers decide what sort of people to recruit and hire. "Job analysis is the process of [...]

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Essay on a Bank’s Balance Sheet | India | Banking

Here is an essay on the three main components of a bank’s balance sheet especially written for school and banking students.   Essay # 1. Components of Liabilities: A. Capital: Capital represents the owner’s stake in the bank and it serves as a cushion for depositors and creditors to fall back in case of losses. It is considered to be [...]

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