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Types of Companies

The company is the most effective vehicle yet discovered to manage and control modern business enterprise. Other forms of organisation may outnumber it, but most business is transacted by companies. In fact, the company pervades the economic and social life all over the world, because of so many advantages it enjoys over other forms of organisa­tion. Some of the types [...]

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Environmental Scanning

Environment scanning is that exercise that involves continuous process of monitoring the dynamic- interplay of all those forces namely, economic, competitive, technological, socio-cultural, demographic and political forces to determine the opportunities. The environmental scanning (appraisal) is the process by which promo0ters of the companies tries to monitor the economic changes, Governmental changes, suppliers attitude and market changes to determine new [...]

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Difference between Public and Private Company

The difference between public and private companies can be studied under the following headings: Difference - 1. Formation: In case of public company, formation is difficult. Certificate of incorporation and also the certificate to commence business will have to be obtained from the Registrar of companies. Further, consent of the directors and the copy of their contract to purchase qualification [...]

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