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Classification of Groups: 3 Types

Groups can be categorized as follows: I. Formal and informal groups, II. Primary and secondary groups and III. Small and large group. Type # 1. Formal and Informal Groups: Formal Groups: Formal groups are deliberately created to carry out specific tasks for attainment of organisational goals. These groups have clearly defined authority-responsibility relationships, communication channels, rules and regulations to govern [...]

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Classification of Organisational Formats: 2 Categories

After reading this article you will learn about the classical and contemporary organisational formats. Classical Organisational Formats: These formats view organisation "as a process of construction in which a great number of small work units are built into jobs, departments, divisions and finally a whole institution." — Keith Davis These formats group activities into smaller units and create departments. Organisation [...]

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Classification of Security Buyers

This article throws light upon the top three categories for classification of security buyers. The categories are: 1. Individual Investors 2. Joint-stock Companies 3. Institutional Investors. Classification of Security Buyers: Category # 1. Individual Investors: The savings of the individuals are the ultimate source of investment in corporate securities. According to an estimate the number of individual investors in shares [...]

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