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Types of Companies

The company is the most effective vehicle yet discovered to manage and control modern business enterprise. Other forms of organisation may outnumber it, but most business is transacted by companies. In fact, the company pervades the economic and social life all over the world, because of so many advantages it enjoys over other forms of organisa­tion. Some of the types [...]

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Features of Sole Proprietorship

Everything you need to know about the features of sole proprietorship. Sole proprietorship, also known as sole trader, is the most popular form of business organisation in India. You will find sole proprietors everywhere. If you buy a notebook, a pen, etc., from a shop near your residence or school, most likely the shop is run by a sole proprietor. [...]

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Difference between Partnership and Sole Tradership

This article will help you to learn about the difference between partnership and sole tradership. Difference between Partnership and Sole Tradership Partnership 1. Act: Partnership is formed under Indian Partnership Act, 1932. 2. Number of Members: In partnership, minimum number of members is two and maximum is 20 and 10 for banking business. 3. Secrecy: In partnership, all the part­ners [...]

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