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Commerce includes all those activities which play a key role in the transfer of goods from their place of production (producers) to their place of final consumption (consumers). In simpler terms, commerce can be defined as all functions connected with the buying and selling of goods and services. In other words, commerce deals with the movement of goods from the [...]

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Classification of Business Activities

Everything you need to know about the classification of business activities. Business activities in an economy have a wide scope. It includes a host of activities and these large number of activities may be categorized under two broad sectors, i.e., industry and commerce. While production of goods falls in purview of 'industry', its distribution is a subject matter of 'commerce'. [...]

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Difference Between Trade, Commerce and Industry

This article will help you to learn about the difference between trade, commerce and industry. Difference Between Trade, Commerce and Industry Trade 1. Trade is that branch of commerce which deals with exchange or transfer of goods and services. 2. The origin and development of trade is the result of the prevalence of barter system. 3. It includes sale and [...]

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