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Organizational Theory

Some of the most popular organizational theories are: 1. Classical Approach and Theory 2. The Neo-Classical Approach or Human Relations Approach 3. Systems Approach 4. Contingency Approach 5. Human Relations Approach 6. Systems Theory 7. The Modern Theories 8. Simon's Theory of Organisation 9. Koontz and O’Donnell Theory 10. Graicuna's Theory of Relationship or French Management Theory 11. Multivariate Approach. [...]

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The Organization Development Process

In this article we will discuss about the process of organisational development. This article will further help you to learn about: A. The process of Organisational Development involves 7 interesting approaches:- (1) Initial Consultation (2) Data Collection (3) Data Feedback and Confrontation (4) Action Planning and Problem Solving (5) Team Building or Team Formation (6) Inter-Group Development (7) Appraisal and [...]

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Principles of Organization

Everything you need to know about the Principles of Organization! Principles of Organization as Studied in Management: (With Top 14 and 7 Principles) Principles of Organization: As Listed by Koontz A principle is a basic statement or a fundamental truth that provides under­standing and guidance to thinking and practice. The important principles of organisation, as listed by Koontz, may be [...]

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