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Management as an Art, Science and Profession

Everything you need to know about management as an art, science and profession. Management has already been conceptualized as the social process by which managers of an enterprise integrate and coordinate its all available resources for the achievement of common, clear goals. It has developed into a body of knowledge and a separate identifiable discipline during the past six decades. [...]

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Functions of a Manager

In this article we will learn about the various Functions of a Manager, their Roles, Responsibilities and Duties. Functions of a Manager Roles of a Manager Informational Roles of Manager Responsibilities of a Manager Duties and Responsibilities of Sales Manager: Functions of HR Managers Functions of a Materials Managers Answer 1. Functions of a Manager: The manager of the modern [...]

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Organisational Behaviour

Organisational behaviour may be defined as the study of behaviour of people in a formal organisation in given circumstances. Organisational Behaviour: Definition, Features, Scope, Elements, Approaches and Merits Contents: Definition of Organisational Behaviour Features of Organisational Behaviour Scope of Organisational Behaviour Elements of Organisational Behaviour Approaches of Organisational Behaviour Merits of Organisational Behaviour Limitations of Organisational Behavior # 1. Definition [...]

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