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Installing a Project: 7 Phases | Project Management

Installing a project passes through different phases depending upon the type type of project. For the purpose of study let us consider that a project passes through following phases: 1. Project Identification 2. Project Preparation or Formulation 3. Project Appraisal 4. Negotiations 5. Project Approval 6. Project Planning 7. Project Implementation. Phase # 1. Project […]

Project Management: Definition, Tools and Benefits

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Definition of Project Management 2. Results Expected from Project Management 3. Tools and Techniques 4. Benefits. Definition of Project Management: Project management is one of the most challenging and creative tasks. Today, project man­agement is used for projects big and small collection of several activities or […]

Life Cycle of a Project: 5 Phases | Project Management

This article throws light upon the five main phases involved in project life cycle. The phases are: 1. Project Identification Phase 2. Formulation Phase 3. Detailed Project Planning Phase 4. Project Implementation Phase 5. Project Hand Over Phase. Phase # 1. Project Identification: For the purpose of identifying the project, a study of various alternatives […]

Planning of a Project: 16 Steps | Project Management

This article will help in planning the project for the students as well as to the engineers who want to start the new industries and will facilitate in formulating the correct approach to take up the job for project planning. Before starting any project, its planning is done. Planning a project is a very important […]

What is Gantt Progress Chart ? | Project Scheduling

Get the answer of: What is Gantt Progress Chart ? A Gantt progress chart gives the comparison between the actual and planned performance. It indicates how performance matches with the fixed targets. To explain things more clearly, follow­ing example of Gantt progress chart has been solved. The figures indicated in the left-hand corner of each […]

Bar Charts and Its Limitations | Project Scheduling

After reading this article you will learn about the bar chart and its limitations. A pictorial chart, also known as the “Bar Chart” was for the first time developed by Henry Gantt around 1900 and is used to deal with complex activities. The bar chart consists of two coordinates, the horizontal represents the time elapsed […]

How to Draw the Network Diagram? | Project Scheduling

Before starting to draw the network, following measures should be taken serially: 1. Prepare a list of the activities included in the project and their dependence on other activities. 2. Draft the network roughly, usually by soft pencil and an eraser on a large piece of paper. 3. The estimate of time required for each […]

Critical Path Method (C.P.M): Meaning, Language and Advantages

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Critical Path Method (C.P.M.) 2. Language of Critical Path Method 3. Advantages. Meaning of Critical Path Method (C.P.M.): The use of this management technique of modern network systems has become very essen­tial in the developing countries like India. This was developed in 1957 and […]

Network Construction and Development | Project Scheduling

After reading this article you will learn about network construction and development. Network Construction: Activity: A project consists of several activities or operations, and the project is said to be completed when all such activities are completed. Activity is the actual performance of a task. This consumes resources i.e., time, manpower, space, material, money etc. […]

Cost Model: Crashing of Network

Time aspect is the main and significant aspect in a network. Its primary object is to com­plete the project at an earliest to get quicker realisation of benefits of the project. Activities on critical path and sub-critical path needs special attention either to com­plete the project as per schedule or to reduce the completion time. […]

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