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Brief Notes on Theories of Price-Fixation

Theory # 1. No Profit, No Loss Principle: For a long time, the ‘no profit no loss’ principle was regarded as the ideal of price-policy of public undertakings. Since public enterprises are operated in public interest, they should follow the policy different from the private enterprises which are actuated by motivation of profit. The public […]

Pricing of Products: Meaning, Objectives and Methods

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Pricing 2. Factors Influencing Pricing 3. Objectives 4. Economic Theories 5. Strategies 6. Methods. Meaning of Pricing: One basic element of the marketing mix is pricing. A “Price” for a product or service refers to the amount of money needed to acquire that product […]

Price Determination: 6 Factors Affecting Price Determination of Product

Main factors affecting price determination of product are: 1. Product Cost 2. The Utility and Demand 3. Extent of Competition in the Market 4. Government and Legal Regulations 5. Pricing Objectives 6. Marketing Methods Used. 1. Product Cost: The most important factor affecting the price of a product is its cost. (more…)