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Industrial Policy in India

After reading this article you will learn about the industrial policy followed in India during the pre-independence and post-independence period. Pre-Independence Period: During the British rule, the alien Government took passive attitude towards industrialisation of the country. Following a lassie: faire policy, the then Government was bent upon turning India into an agricultural colony and […]

Why State Ownership of Industries ?

In a backward country like India, industrial progress and the general economic growth cannot be speeded up without the positive assistance and participation of the state. It is the state which has to create a congenial climate for industrial investment and employment. The State has to provide opportunities for industrial growth, promotion of trade and […]

Policies: Meaning and Types

After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and types of policies. Meaning of Policies: The term policy is derived from the Greek word “Politicia” relating to policy that is citizen and Latin work “politis” meaning polished, that is to say clear. These policies which are generally formulated at top level helps managers […]

Policy Making: Principles and Factors

After reading this article you will learn about the principles and factors of policy making. Principles of Policy Making: The adoption of the following principle make for sound and effective policy making: 1. The policy statement should be definite, positive clear and understandable to every in the organisation: Policies must be applied with proper understanding […]

Impacts of Changes in Government Policy on Business and Industry (10 Impacts)

Some of the impacts of changes in government policy on business and industry are: 1. Increasing Competition 2. More Demanding Customers 3. Rapidly Changing Technological Environment 4. Necessity for Change 5. Need for Developing Human Resource 6. Market Orientation 7. Loss of Budgeting Support to the Public Sector 8. Threat from Multinational Corporations 9. Corporate […]