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After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Performance Appraisal 2. Factors in Successful Appraisals 3. Types of Appraisal Systems 4. Methods of Appraisal 5. Rating Methods 6. Reward Systems. Contents: Meaning of Performance Appraisal Factors in Successful Appraisals Types of Appraisal Systems Methods of Performance Appraisal Methods to Rate Performance of […]

Top 10 Methods of Performance Appraisal

This article throws light upon the top ten methods of performance appraisal of employees. The methods are: 1. Critical Incident Method 2. Weighted Checklist Method 3. Paired Comparison Analysis 4. Graphic Rating Scales 5. Essay Evaluation Method 6. Behaviourally anchored rating scales 7. Performance Ranking Method 8. Management By Objectives Method 9. Forced Ranking 10. […]

Top 8 Methods of Performance Appraisal

This article throws light upon the top eight methods of performance appraisal. The methods are: 1. Ranking 2. Person to Person Comparison 3. Grading 4. Graphic Seals Method 5. Check List 6. Forced Choice Description Method 7. Critical Incidents Method 8. Essay Description. Performance Appraisal: Method # 1. Ranking: It is the oldest and simplest […]

Performance Appraisal: Need and Features of Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal:  Need and Features of Performance Appraisal! An organisation’s success depends on its employee’s performance. Hence evaluation of the employee’s performance is essential. The process of performance appraisal helps the employee and the management to know the level of employee’s performance compared to the standard level. (more…)

Performance Appraisal of Employees (Changing Trends)

Performance Appraisal of Employees (Changing Trends)! Due to new areas like IT and BPO sectors and severe competition there is formal and informal changed situation in performance appraisal. (more…)

Steps Involved in Performance Appraisal Process

Some of the steps involved in performance appraisal process are: 1. Setting the Performance Standards 2. Communicating the Performance Standard to the Employees 3. Measuring the Actual Performance 4. Comparing the Actual With the Standard Performance 5. Providing Feedback 6. Initiating Corrective Actions. They are as follows: 1. Setting the performance standards. (more…)

Limitations of Performance Appraisal Methods (Six Limitations)

Major limitations of performance appraisal methods are as follows: (i) Defensiveness of employees (ii) Hypercritical or “Horns” effect (iii) Emphasis on human performance without regard for human values (iv) Central tendency and leniency (v) Reluctance to “play God” (vi) Halo effect. ! (i) Defensiveness of employees: The appraisal process frequently creates defensiveness among employees. (more…)