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Notes on Planning Process of an Organisation: 9 Steps

This article throws light upon the nine main steps involved in planning process of an organisation. The steps are: 1. Need for Planning 2. Identification of Goals 3. Analysis of Present Situation 4. Identify Barriers to Planning 5. Develop Planning Premises 6. Develop Alternative Courses of Action 7. Evaluate Courses of Action 8. Select a […]

Notes on Planning in an Organisation: Meaning, Importance and Principles

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Planning 2. Features of Planning 3. Importance 4. Principles 5. Limitations 6. Barriers. Meaning of Planning: Planning deals with framing organisational objectives and devising ways to achieve them. Managers plan business activities at all levels: top, middle and low, though planning is required more […]

Notes on Setting Objectives of an Organisation

After reading this article you will learn about the setting up of objectives of an organisation. Generally, top management determines the overall objectives of the organisation. In practice, however, the objectives are framed by interaction of various groups within and outside the organisation. The objectives must not only provide profits to the firm but also […]