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Business Negotiations: Top 12 Tips used for Winning Business Negotiations

Top twelve tips for winning every business negotiation. The tips are: 1. Distraction 2. Deception 3. Exaggeration 4. Lies 5. Manipulation of the Fact of Opponent 6. Nondisclosure 7. Exploiting Information 8. Change of Mind 9. Consult and Confer (and Negotiate) 10. Showing Concessions to Win Over the Opponent 11. Never Agree Too Early for […]

The Negotiation Process (With Diagram)

This article throws light upon the three main phases of the negotiation process. The phases are: 1. Pre-Negotiation Phase 2. The Negotiation Phase 3. Post Negotiation Phase. Negotiation Process: Phase # 1. Pre-Negotiation Phase: The first and the most important step is the selection of the negotiating team. The outcome would be highly influenced by […]

Negotiations: Definitive Guide for doing Negotiations

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Introduction to Negotiation 2. Definition of Negotiation 3. What is not Negotiation? 4. Elements of Negotiation 5. Understanding the Framework of Negotiation 6. Getting Ready for the Negotiation 7. The Various Tactics used in Negotiations 8. The Strategy of Negotiation 9. The Types of Negotiation 10. […]

Effective Negotiation: Introduction, Elements and Practice

Introduction to Effective Communication: Negotiation is essentially a process of coming to terms with the situation on hand and, in so doing, getting the best deal possible. It involves four steps: Determining objectives of negotiation; preparing for the negotiation; conducting the negotiation, and reviewing the negotiation. All these four steps are in turn influenced by […]

Is Negotiation a Common Sense Game?

Get the answer of: Is Negotiation a Common Sense Game. Social psychologists say that negotiation is a matter of applied “common sense”. To better appreciate this phenomenon, let us analyze it with the help of an example of a trade union leader negotiating with a branch manager. It is common in banks for trade union […]

Negotiation: Meaning, Approaches and Elements

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Negotiation 2. Approaches to Negotiation 3. Major Elements. Meaning of Negotiation: When the parties involved in a conflict want to work toward an amicable resolution, they must engage in a communication process to decide what kind of a deal would be acceptable to both. […]