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Top 9 Marketing Functions of a Business | Functions | Marketing Management

The following points highlight the top nine marketing functions of a business. The functions are:- 1. Buying 2. Selling 3. Transportation 4. Storing 5. Standardisation, Grading and Branding 6. Market Financing 7. Pricing 8. Risk Assuming 9. Advertising. Function # 1. Buying: It is an important function in all business con­cerns. The manufacturing firms are […]

Market: Meaning, Concept and Types | Management

After reading this article you will learn about Market:- 1. Meaning of Market 2. Concepts of Market 3. Types. Meaning of Market: The concept of market is very important in marketing. The American Marketing Association defines a market as the aggregate demand of the potential buyers for a product/ service. P. Kotler defines a market […]