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Top 8 Schools of Management Theory

This article throws light upon the top eight schools of management theory. The schools are: 1. Management Process School. 2. Empirical School. 3. Human Behaviour or Human Relation School. 4. Social School. 5. Decision Theory School. 6. Mathematical or Quantitative Management School. 7. Systems Management School. 8. Contingency Approach School. 1. Management Process School: Henri […]

Top 12 Theories of Management Thought

This article throws light upon the top twelve theories of management thought developed by famous management thinkers. Some of the theories are: 1. Theory of Peter F. Drucker 2. Theory of Michael Porter 3. Theory of Tom Peters 4. Theory of Michael Hammer 5. Theory of Peter Senge 6. Theory of C.K. Prahlad 7. Theory […]