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Top 6 Characteristics of Sound Goals | Management

This article throws light upon the six main characteristics of sound goals. The characteristics are: 1. Goals have to be Specific 2. Goals must be Measurable 3. Goals have to be Time-Specific 4. Goals should Focus on Results, not on Activities 5. Goals should be Challenging but Realistic 6. Goals must be set by the […]

How to make Goal Setting Effective? | Management

This article will guide you about how to make goal setting effective in an organisation. 1. Understanding the Purposes of Goals: Perhaps the best way to facilitate the goal-setting process is to make sure that managers understand the two main purposes of goals. The first is to provide a target to shoot for. The second […]

Organizational Goals and Objectives | Management

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Corporate Strategy 2. The Planning Process 3. Nature of Organisational Goals 4. Managing Multiple Goals. Corporate Strategy: Organisations Round the world have been experimenting with different ways to organise the way they do business. These organisations are some of the most influential and publicised in the […]