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Arguments Favouring Small Industries | Industrial Engineering

This article throws light upon the four arguments favouring small industries:- 1. Employment Argument 2. Decentralisation Argument 3. The Latent Resources Argument 4. Social and Political Arguments. 1. Employment Argument: Small-scale industries will generate more employment with less capital investment. They operate according to labour- intensive methods and hence create higher promotion of employment per […]

Development of Small Industries | Industrial Engineering

After reading this article you will learn about the role of important institutions in the development of small industries. National Small Industries Corporation: This Corporation was established in 1955 with a capital of Rs. 10 lakhs, subsequently raised to Rs. 50 lakhs, entirely subscribed by the Central Government. Objectives: (a) To secure a reasonable share […]

Small Scale Industries: Meaning, Growth and Financial Needs

After reading this article you will learn about the Small Scale Industries in India: 1. Meaning of Small Scale Industries 2. Growth of Small Scale Industries in India 3. Financial Needs. Meaning of Small Scale Industries: Small scale sector plays an important role in the development of every country. In a developing country like India […]