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Price Policy of Public Enterprises in India

After reading this article you will learn about the price policy of public enterprises in India. For a long time, there was no definite price policy prescribed for public enterprises in India. Because, until the adoption of planning, the role of the public sector in India was not very significant. Only a few public utility […]

Break-Even Point of an Enterprise

After reading this article you will learn about the break-even point of an enterprise. Every enterprise has a break-even point which is the critical criterion of its probable profit range at a given or estimated volume of business. Profit must not be viewed as an earning by chance or luck. It has to be scientifically […]

Problems of State Enterprises: 3 Problems | Business Management

This article throws light upon the three main problems of state enterprises. The problems are: 1. Autonomy for State Enterprises 2. Accountability of State Enterprises 3. Price Policy of Public Enterprises. Problem # 1. Autonomy for State Enterprises: The very object of constituting State enterprise as separate units in the form of Statutory Corporation or […]

How to Make State Enterprises Accountable to Public ?

In considering the issue of public accountability of State enterprises we shall consider the following methods of making them answerable to public authorities and ensuring their compliance with criteria of commercial principles: 1. Ministerial Control 2. Parliamentary Control 3. Financial Control. Following chart shows the different methods to make State Enterprises accountable to the public: […]

Working of Public Sector Enterprises

After reading this article you will learn about the working of public sector enterprises. Also learn about its defects, tests and suggestions for improvement. Public sector has been growing by leaps and bounds both in terms of the size on investments and diversity of its activities. At the start of the First Plan the investments […]

The Size of a Firm: Definition, Measures and Concepts

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Definitions of the Size of a Firm 2. Measures of Size 3. Concepts. Definitions of the Size of a Firm: In an industry there are firms of varying sizes. The costs of production in these firms of different sizes vary. Economists are concerned with the best […]

Determining the Best Size of Business Units: 5 Factors

The factors that determine the best size of the business units (the optimum size of the firm) are studied under the following five groups: 1. Technical Factors 2. Managerial Factors 3. Financial Factors 4. Marketing Factors 5. Factors of Risks and Fluctuations. 1. Technical Factors: Technological factors underline the need for enlarging the scale and […]

Survival of Small Firms: 14 Reasons

This article throws light upon the fourteen main reasons for the survival of small firms. 1. Intense desire of individuals to be their own masters is a significant factor underlining the survival of small firms. The independent small entrepreneur works hard, solicits cooperation of his small labour force, builds up contacts in trade and gets […]

Size of Units in Important Industries in India

After reading this article you will learn about the size of units in important industries of India:- 1. Cotton Textiles Industry 2. Jute Industry 3. Cement Industry 4. Paper Industry 5. Sugar Industry 6. Coal Industry 7. Iron and Steel Industry. Cotton Textiles Industry: A mill with not less than 1,000 looms and 35,000 spindles […]

Large Firm: Economies and Disadvantages

After reading this article you will learn about the economies and disadvantages of large firm. Economies of Large-Scale Operations: Different economies available to a large firm may be summed up as under: Technical Economies: 1. Large firms can install new machines, automatic appliance and adopt other means of superior technology because it is economical to […]