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Customer-Related Database: Meaning and Principles

Meaning of Customer-Related Database: Companies typically do not have a single customer database; instead, they have a number of customer-related databases. Large organizations, such as financial services companies, can have 20 or more customer systems, each with a separate database. These databases capture customer-relate data from a number of different perspectives. Customer-related data bases might […]

Data Warehouse: Meaning, Characteristics and Benefits

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Data Warehouse 2. Characteristics of Data Warehouse 3. Benefits 4. Dimensions. Meaning of Data Warehouse: As companies have grown larger they have become separated both geographically and culturally from the markets and customers they serve. Disney, an American corporation, has operations in Europe, Asia […]

How to Develop a Customer-Related Database? (6 Steps)

This article throws light upon the six steps to be followed to develop a customer-related database. The steps are: 1. Define the Database Functions 2. Define the Information Requirements 3. Identify the Information Sources 4. Select the Database Technology and Hardware Platform 5. Populate the Database 6. Maintain the Database. Step # 1. Define the […]

Data Mining: Meaning, Scope and Its Applications

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Data Mining 2. Concept of Data Mining 3. Foundations 4. Scope 5. Working 6. Architecture 7. Profitable Applications. Meaning of Data Mining: In the CRM context, data mining can be defined as follows: Data mining is the application of descriptive and predictive analytics to […]