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Tools of Quality Control: 7 Tools | Company Management

TQM is a management’s approach towards the quality; it can be in regard to products, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. TQM places a great deal of responsibility on all workers. If employees are to identify and correct quality problems, they need proper training of using a variety of quality control tools. There are seven tools […]

Data Processing: Meaning, Stages and Advantages | Company Management

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Data Processing 2. Stages in Data Processing 3. Advantages. Meaning of Data Processing: The word ‘data’ is the plural of the word ‘datum’ which means ‘fact’. Thus, data means facts. These may be numeric, textual, pictorial or even vocal. Facts are represented by symbols. […]

Self-Financing: Merits and Demerits | Internal Savings | Company Management

After reading this article you will learn about the merits and demerits of self-financing. Merits of Self-Financing: The advantages of ploughing back of profits or self-financing for the convenience of study can be classified under three groups: (i) Advantages to the corporation, (ii) Advantages to the shareholders, and (iii) Advantages to the country or nation. […]

Public Deposits: Meaning, Merits and Demerits | India | Capital | Company

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Public Deposits 2. Merits or Advantages of Public Deposits 3. Demerits or Disadvantages. Meaning of Public Deposits: One of the traditional methods of raising funds in India has been that of receiving public deposits. Before independence, the practice of receiving public deposits was prevalent […]

Mission and Objectives of a Company: Difference

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between mission and objectives of a company. Peter Drucker (in ‘Management’) stated: “A business is not defined by the company’s name, statutes, or articles of incor­poration. – It is defined by the want the customer satisfies when he buys a product or service. To satisfy the […]

Objectives of a Corporate Organisation | Strategic Management

The following points highlight the objectives of a corporate organisation. The objectives are:- 1. Primary and Secondary Objectives 2. Short-Run and Long-Run Objectives 3. Short-Term and Long-Term Objectives 4. Structure-Wise Objectives. 1. Primary and Secondary Objectives: While primary objective of a company may be either market dominance or profit and/or business expansion, the major secondary […]

Official and Operative Objectives of Company: Difference | India

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between official and operative objectives of a company. Official objectives, also termed as organisational objectives or corporate objectives, are those that are made known to anybody including outsiders through public statements. In the case of a company formed under the company law in India, the Memo­randum […]

Corporate Philosophy and Objectives | Company | Management

In this article we will discuss about the corporate philosophy and corporate objectives of a company. Corporate Philosophy: A particular Gas company, in addition to its statement of overall objectives, states the following “principles for guiding its action: Investors: The company will provide for its stock a ready, convenient, and technically sound market to ensure […]

Exam Questions on Corporate Objectives | Company | Strategic Management

Some of the frequently asked exam questions on corporate philosophy and objectives of a company are as follows: Q.1. Who formulates an enterprise’s objectives? Ans. All organisations have objectives, at least at one point in time. Enterprise objectives are the goals the enterprise seeks to accomplish through its operations. Once a manager realises the importance […]

Analysis of Strategic Factors for Company Success | Strategic Management

In this article we will discuss about the analysis of strategic factors used for making useful strategic identification which is needed for the success of a company. Strategic factors are those key issues that are strategically relevant and that will determine the success of any company in a particular industry and at a given stage […]