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Establishment of the Central Bank for India

After reading this article you will learn about the establishment of the central bank for India. In order to bring some sound monetary policy, Industrial and agricultural development, provision for establishing sound principles for the upliftment of trade commerce and in manufacturing sectors a co-ordination among the banks constituted under the Company Act or otherwise […]

Changes that Took Place after the Establishment of RBI

This article throws light upon the four main changes that took place after the establishment of RBI. The changes are: 1. Growth of Banking in India after Independence 2. Establishment of the State Bank of India 3. Reforms in Banking Sector 4. Nationalisation of Banks. Change # 1. Growth of Banking in India after Independence: […]

Notes on the Reserve Bank of India

This article provides notes on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The Reserve Bank of India is the central Bank of the country entrusted with the task of monetary stability, the management of currency and the supervision of the financial as well as the payment system. In a simple manner we can understand that the […]