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Difference among Goals, Mission and Purpose

This article will help you to differentiate among goals, mission and purpose. Difference # Goals: Goals are the ends which the organisations strive to achieve. They are the reason for an organisation to exist. Organisations are formed to achieve some goal. Goals are framed for the entire organisation, for all departments and for every level […]

Difference between Horizontal and Vertical Diversification | Firms

This article will help you to differentiate between horizontal and vertical diversification of firms. Difference # Horizontal Diversification (Integration): 1. Nature: In horizontal diversification, two businesses, similar or dissimilar, join together. 2. Size of operations: Horizontal diversification enlarges the scope of operations and, thus, provides economies of scale. 3. Flexibility: Failure of one business does […]

Difference between Coordination and Cooperation

Difference between Coordination and Cooperation! Cooperation refers to the voluntary collective efforts of various persons working together in an enterprise for achieving common objectives. (more…)

Difference between Manpower Planning and Career Planning

Difference between Manpower Planning and Career Planning! The term ‘manpower planning’ and human resource planning’ are synonymous but manpower planning is different from career planning. (more…)

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