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BlogSpot To WordPress Migration

Most of the Bloggers like you and me start with a BlogSpot blog and later on moving to WordPress is always a good option. Though the problem is maintaining subscriber and maintaining search engine traffic, and our unique BlogSpot to WordPress migration service offers, this feature. We not only take care of your blog posts but also we move all images from Blogger to WordPress.

We do all the work of moving your blogspot posts, comments, users, Images and set up your new wordpress blog with all the plugins and widgets. We understand that your blog is your baby and we make sure that your blog will be growing in the new environment.

Most people make mistake by using default import function to migrate and this way they end up creating two copy of same post and ultimate hurt their search engine ranking. We make sure that while migrating  None of your post will be left behind

  • The migration will be a 301 perma redirection, that means Google will redirect all your traffic to new self hosted domain.
  • I will set up your new WordPress blog
  • Your permalink structure will be Intact
  • We also Provide free wordpress SEO in this package.

Send us an email to [email protected] for the quote!

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